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8 Shows I Wish Were on Netflix

As the nights are drawing in as we get closer to winter, there’s nothing I enjoy more than to cuddle up in a warm blanket with a hot drink and a good TV show, i.e. the ultimateΒ Netflix and chill.Β However, living in the UK, the streaming site lacks some of the quality additions that our counterparts get in other areas of the world. Here’s a list of 8 shows that I wish were available so I could watch them back to back and then back again.



This one is pretty self-explanitory. I am a massive Friends fan and will never get tired of rewatching all ten seasons over and over again. I know that this is available on US Netflix, so WHY hasn’t it reached the UK shores yet? As Chandler would say: “Could I BE more annoyed?”



Sabrina the Teenage Witch



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